Activity 1: Evaluate Educational Wikis (and participate in a wiki discussion)

  • Locate an educational wiki relevant to your work. You might start with these examples, or with a Google search.
  • Evaluate the wiki based on the following criteria:
    1. What is a basic description of this wiki? Include such elements as grade level, subject area, or other educational purpose.
    2. Who is the intended audience for the wiki and what would they get out of it?
    3. Who are the intended contributors for the wiki and what would they contribute?
    4. How does this wiki accomplish something that only a wiki can accomplish? What other websites or media could be used to accomplish the same thing?
    5. How could you adapt this a model for your own work?
  • Click on the Discussion tab above to post your evaluations in the discussion area. Be sure the subject of your post is "Activity 1, DATE - Lastname, Firstname."
  • Time permitting, explore your classmates' evaluations. Reply to three of their posts.